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We all live in a community in one way or another, and as responsible community members, we all have an opportunity to make it better in some way. Communities thrive on the talents of their members. All holiday parades, picnics, ceremonies, block parties, community gardens, soup kitchens, concerts, started somewhere with someone who wanted to contribute to their community.

Martha’s life vision for “A World that Works for Everyone” is the goal around which she aligns all of her work. With that as her guide, her community focus is centered on healing hearts, building relationships and creating connection between all people thereby creating a win/win environment, in the homes and businesses in a community.



In support of the people in her own community of Healdsburg, CA, she is now offering the gem of all her workshops, The Self Mastery, an astounding three day personal development course that will change your life forever. Everyone is welcome, but in order to make it available to people of all income levels, she is offering this program for a drastically reduced price which is only available to Healdsburg residents and those living in neighboring towns.

The Basics of Self Mastery is a caring, hardworking and inspiring educational seminar designed to generate insights and discoveries into the areas of your life that matter most to you, both personally and professionally. As we encounter the constant demands of our busy lives and the fast pace of the rapidly changing environment around us, we can easily lose balance, become overwhelmed, confused and misdirected. Often, we find ourselves constantly putting out fires or wondering where intimacy went in our relationships. Therefore,  it is helpful to have a clear understanding of who we are, why we are here, what we want, where we are going, how we’re going to get there and how we can individually carve out the kind of future we desire.

"My life has been transformed through your work! I am genuinely, thoroughly happy for the first time, needing no one or nothing else to maintain that state. I feel alignment with my soul purpose – it is magnificent! I feel like I have been trying to see my life through a broken prism all these years, and finally, the pieces have realigned, snapped into place, and the light and clarity that is present in me and through me are astounding! I cannot thank you enough for this gift "

Peace, Joy, Light and Love
Gwen Miller

In this exciting program, you will awaken to Life's Laws which are fundamental to enlightened living. You will discover the extraordinary power within you to alter and direct your own life in the areas of purpose, personal growth, relationships, career, finances and health. In addition, you will be provided new tools to communicate more clearly, to plan and execute more expeditiously, to manage your time more effectively and to know how to create a balanced sense of well-being in your life. 



Personal transformation is a process. It ebbs and flows like a winding river through a diverse terrain bringing you to destinations imagined and unimagined. This is the river of your life and how you navigate it is the focus of this program. You will learn skills, receive tools and examine the beliefs and values that influence your decision-making. By becoming aware of your power to influence and direct your current experience as well as your future, you will be able to understand how to master the navigation of the forceful river of your life.

The greater understanding you have of yourself and of Life's Laws, the more successful you can be to making the right choices for yourself and the people around you and the better able you will be to be a productive, contributing member of your community.

"Thank you Martha for giving me this wonderful gift. I am enjoying the journey of my life more than I could have thought possible. Loving deeper, finding myself in the moment more and connecting with my kids in a wonderful new way."

With love,
Tara Jasper

As your coach, Martha will be by your side, guiding you on how to achieve your wants, needs, dreams and goals. You can count on her communication to be direct and clear. You can never offend her because this is your ride and she is only here to be of service to the quality and effectiveness of your ride. Space is limited to 16 people only and the course is only given 6 times a year.

"I am not a self-help person, so when I was offered to participate in the Self Mastery Program I was hesitant. However, I cannot describe adequately how profound and influential those three days were for me. I came away with a purpose and a deeper understanding of my world. Martha is a force of nature. I sincerely thank her for offering me this effective and heart-warming method of connecting to self, to community and to humanity."

Lisa Steinkamp

"Marta rocks. She has an amazing ability to lead you from inner turmoil to clarity and to help you call “bullshit” on yourself. Some of the most moving, humanity-filled moments I have ever been privileged to experience were in her courses. She has helped me immensely on a personal, emotional level and also assisted me finding peace and purpose in incredibly challenging business situations. Martha is one of the kindest, strongest, most gifted people that I know."

Scot Bilbro

"My work with Martha has changed the way I see and function in the world. It is a life lens adjustment. It inspires absolute honesty with oneself, pulls back fears, names and releases old patterns and allows new movement and vision.  Martha guides us to use the tools that serve us now and let go of what no longer or never did. It's an eye opening experience which has lead me to a fuller richer experience of life."

Dawnelise Rosen

"The messages in this course are not new; we all know them in our hearts. However, Martha’s approach (delivered in her loving, irreverent, profound way) gives us powerful tools to open ourselves enough to actually hear those messages, and become better human beings as a result. This course is truly one of the most transformative experiences of my life (and I came in as an eye-rolling skeptic). Even years later, I continue to use and learn from Martha’s techniques each day."

Jessica Martin Pochan

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